new-construction-home-inspectionThe Inspection

Purchasing a home can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. Yet, once a home is chosen and an offer is presented, it can quickly become an overwhelmingly daunting task. With all of the uncertainties that may arise during a real estate transaction or new home purchase, you can be absolutely sure that securing a qualified and time tested home inspection professional will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Greenwade Inspections is committed to assisting you and your real estate professional in navigating the uncertain waters of the inspection by arming you with knowledge and a familiarity of the inner and outer workings of your home. We will provide you with an unbiased assessment of the general conditions of your home. This 10-day inspection period is your chance to get to know your home and is the time to hire professionals to assist you in this discovery process.

The Inspection and Report – Peace of Mind

At Greenwade Inspections, we know that we are an ‘extension of your eyes’. This means that you are confiding in us to help you find possible deficiencies in the homes systems or structure that could cost you thousands if left undetected. Many choose to trust this task to a contractor friend, a handyman or even try to do it on their own, leaving themselves vulnerable to a possible wave of deferred maintenance headaches. Your inspector will educate you as we walk through the home together and assist you by providing a photo documented narrative report, which is easy to read, will help minimize your risk and will help give you the peace of mind you need to make a proper and informed home buying decision. Generally, you can plan on the inspection taking anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete depending upon size and condition of the home. We encourage you to join us during the inspection so we can show and discuss with you the issues we are seeing and also to point out the many positive features of your home.images

Licensed, Certified and Insured Professionals. TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission)

The home inspection is an expressed opinion of a trained professional which can help determine the general conditions of a home and its systems following certain guidelines and limitations set forth by the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission). Our personal are trained and committed to meet and exceed the guidelines and Standards of Practice (SOP) set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We also carry errors and omissions insurance (E&O) and a general liability policy to ensure that you are protected by working with a true professional. We stand behind our inspections. If you are ever concerned with the service you received, please call us.

What’s Inspected?

The following is a general summary of items covered during the course of a typical home inspection. It is not a complete list of items covered. We encourage you to read the entire inspection report for the detailed items not listed here:


Exterior – Foundation, patios, driveways, slabs, walkways, grading, drainage, retaining walls, decks, posts, railings, siding, caulking, windows, panes, doors, eaves-soffits, fascia, trim, doors, garage doors, roofing, flashings, components.

Interior – Windows, walls, ceilings, doors, steps, stairways, railings, counters, cabinets, water penetration, fixtures, toilets, tubs, sinks, vanities.

Plumbing – Water pressure, fixtures, faucets, showers, sinks, spigots, visible pipes, supports, functional drainage, water heating equipment and safety, vents, leaks, hot & cold flow.

Electrical – Service panels, amperage, breakers, wiring type, conductor materials, connections, conditions, compatibility, plugs, switches, receptacles, ceiling fans, G.F.C.I. operation, general safety issues.

home diagramHeating – Safe operations and control, heat pumps, furnaces, wall heaters, chimneys, flues, exhaust fans, vents, pumps, ducts, dampers, filters.

Cooling (Air Conditioning) – Central systems, heat pumps, evaporative coolers, air handler fans, operating controls, thermostat conditions, temperature split, filter conditions, general external conditions.

Roofing – Cover material type, surface conditions, flashings, valley seams, debris, drainage, ridges, hips, ventilation, penetrations, skylights, chimneys, turbine vents, gable vents.

Attic – Insulation type, clearances, framing, trusses, roof sheathing, ducting, wiring, signs of leaks, general safety conditions.

Your inspector will also alert you of any discovered item that appears to be a safety concern or that might potentially present a hazardous condition to occupants. Some of these items may or may not fall within the scope of the inspection standards.

Inspection Agreement

All inspections require an Inspection Agreement to be signed and the fee paid before we can deliver any report. Each report will contain a summary section to assist in finding the larger issues quickly, however, it is extremely important that each client read the entire report. We encourage all clients and their representatives to attend the inspection with us. We feel that this will provide a better understanding of the inspection report.

Inspection Pricing

House Up to 1800 sq ft $380
1801-2300 sq ft $423
2301-2800 sq ft $448
2801-3300 sq ft $474
3301-3800 sq ft $498
3801-4300 $523
4301-4800 $553
4801-5300 $574
5301-5800 $598
5801-6300 $628
over 6301 please call
Additional Cost Pier and Beam $125
Duplex add $125