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Engineering Degree from West Point
“Attention to Detail” – 6 Years of US Army Military Service
Superior Communication to the Client
The Report is Always Sent in a Timely Manner
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Residential and Commercial Property Inspections

The Inspection

Purchasing a home in Austin can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. Yet, once a home is chosen and an offer is presented, it can quickly become a daunting task. At Greenwade Inspections, we know that we are an ‘extension of your eyes’. This means that you are confiding in us to help you find possible deficiencies in the home that could cost you thousands if left undetected. Learn more

Austin Home Inspection Expert

Home inspection experts in Austin, Texas, and virtually everywhere else in America, are ‘Generalists’. That means that they know a lot about all the components it takes to make your house a safe and comfortable place to live. Unlike others, being a Texas Professional Home Inspector is the only business I run, because I believe its demands are challenging enough for one person to fulfill correctly. Inspecting your home is what I do! Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Born out of the thousands of professional home inspections we’ve done in and around Austin, Greenwade Inspections has compiled a list of some the questions we are asked most by prospective homeowners. Find out more about home inspections, wether or not a home receive a passing or failing grade, how long does a typical inspection take, and how much does a typical inspection cost? Learn more

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